Introducing Memberships!

Uncategorized May 01, 2023

You asked and we listened! Now offering more affordable access to courses, events, and NEW content!

We are beyond excited to share a major expansion we have been planning for over a year….OUR NEW MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM!

More Content, More Resources, More Community...Yes Please!

Purchasing everything a la carte can add up fast. We wanted to create a more affordable way to make all our resources available to YOU while also adding tons more content!

ENTER: Our Membership Program!

By becoming a master member, you gain unlimited access to all of our courses, events, tools, and Exclusive Member Only offerings (a value of over $2,500!) for less than $1 a day!

We have added cool NEW Member Only offerings like:

* Group Coachings with Sara Elizabeth
* Practice Pitch Workshops
* Deck Review Workshops
* The Filmmaker Toolbox (templates, workbooks, sample contracts,etc.)
* A New Power Hour Archive (40+ videos- rewatch your favorites or catch ones you missed!)
* Filmmaker Wellness Events
* and much much MORE!

We believe the keys to bringing your vision to life are Knowledge, Community, Inspiration, and Authenticity and our membership is designed to support and nurture all those facets.

We have had a blast building and creating a NEW and IMPROVED experience for our community and are thrilled to finally share! 

EXCLUSIVE FREE BONUS LOGLINE WEBINAR ($67 value) for the first 35 filmmakers who join.

Don't wait! Join us today! 


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